Our Mission

At 2a, we’re experienced authenticators who know how to price, grade and validate a bag’s authenticity. We also know how to find the story behind each item, uncovering the desirable details that make it valuable

With over 30 years of experience, we love to share our expertise with anyone and everyone.


Once we have hand-picked our favorite products, 2a's authenticators curate iconic bundles of designer goods that look exceptional in-store. And on you.

For the Love of Vintage

Discover the superior craftsmanship of vintage bags for a purchase that lasts a lifetime.

Sustainable Luxury

Affordable high-fashion that empowers everyone to consume differently.

Join the movement

In a world of fast fashion, many people are turning to the resale market to find unique items and better craftsmanship.

Vintage allows people to own pre-loved luxury at less cost to the environment – and the wallet. Maybe that’s why demand for luxury second-hand products is growing four times faster than traditional luxury retail.

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