The 2A Process

2a bags are sourced with purpose, and authenticated with care. After decades of dealing luxury goods, our ability to find the best vintage items goes unmatched. We search the globe, drawing from strong relationships with international auction houses, distributors and retailers to ensure the best value for our clients.


Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chloe, Channel and Dior. We hand-pick core items from the most sought-after fashion houses.

Louis Vuitton

Authentification Guarantee

Our in-house authentication team has decades of experience verifying luxury goods. We are diligent in using newly emerged technology and the latest practices.

Authentication Guide

Our head authenticator has validated over 100,000 luxury goods with a perfect track record.

Step 1

Before purchase, we screen items from a pool of trusted suppliers who have already conducted their own pre-screen.

Step 2

Items are then quality inspected and authenticated by a 2a team member before being passed on to a second authenticator.

Step 3

We use digital image-recognition technology to ensure a bag’s authenticity. Just to make sure.

Step 4

Our team is hands-on. After purchase, we remain constantly available for any questions or enquiries regarding authenticity.

Better than new

2a and 2a+ Vintage Condition

There is value in the superior materials and fine artisanship of vintage bags – and we know exactly where to look for it.

Bags remain undamaged and have aged naturally.
All items are quality checked and authenticated, twice.
We screen for flaws like tears, torn tabs, stains or missing parts.

How we ensure
a bag is anthentic?

1 Stitchig
Leather, canvas or lining are properly
placed and have aged correctly.

2 Finishes
Materials have aged as intended.

3 Details
Micro-dotted patterns are aligned
and centred. Logos are even.

4 Smell
The interior smells of rich materials.

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